Re: Last Call: draft-nottingham-http-link-header (Web Linking) to Proposed Standard

Please keep the me or the W3C in the CSS as I'm not subscribed to the Atom list.

On Mon, Aug 31, 2009 at 11:58:44AM +0200, Julian Reschke wrote:
> I agree with that; I just wanted to point out that "a parent document"
> is not necessarily going to convince people that it includes any
> *ancestor*. It appears the use of "up" in CMIS therefore is incorrect
> and needs to be replaced by something else (now including the Atom
> mailing list).

I find the wording confusing:

  An Atom link element with a rel attribute value of "up" may be used to
  reference a resource where parent entries of an entry or a feed may be found.


It's not immediately clear to me how this contradicts the IANA registry.

> I think it'll be sufficient to tune the text once "up" gets
> re-registered when the new registry is created. In general this shows
> that it's dangerous to register relations minted by somebody else
> (HTML5) when that spec isn't yet stable.

Sounds good to me.


Noah Slater,

Received on Monday, 31 August 2009 10:16:23 UTC