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On Fri, Aug 28, 2009 at 11:27 AM, Henrik
Nordstrom<> wrote:
> fre 2009-08-28 klockan 12:38 +0100 skrev Ford, Alan:
> * Define a new Mirror profile object, similar to MetaLink but defining
> the mirror URL policy for groups of URLs on the server, without going
> into checksums etc (HTTP will give those).
> * Instance-Digest header returning the object checksum

My connection has been down for a few days but here are my very rough
ideas on doing Metalink in HTTP headers with the Link header, Instance
Digests, and perhaps Content-MD5.

Briefly, it's:

   Link: <>; rel="alternate";
   Link: <>; rel="alternate";
   Link: <>; rel="describedby";
   Link: <>; rel="describedby";
   Digest: SHA=thvDyvhfIqlvFe+A9MYgxAfm1q5=

I've been meaning to ask Mark Nottingham if "alternate" from Link
header fits what we are using it for, to mean identical, duplicate
copy, etc?

   The Link Relation Type registry's initial contents are:

   o  Relation Name: alternate
   o  Description: Designates a substitute for the link's context.
   o  Reference: [W3C.REC-html401-19991224]

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