Re: #173: CR and LF in chunk extension values

Henrik Nordstrom wrote:
> tor 2009-08-27 klockan 11:53 +0200 skrev Julian Reschke:
>> OK, I have applied the change with 
>> <>.
> Looking again.. and no it's not entirely fine.
> ctext and qdtext should not be changed from OWS to WSP. The change is
> only in quoted-text. We can not disallow folding here.
> Sorry for not seeing this earlier.
> ...

It happens; thanks for checking anyway (and this was exactly the reason 
I wanted people to verify this change :-).

For now, I undid the change with 

It appears that we *do* have consensus for disallowing controls in 
quoted-pairs, thus for:

   quoted-pair    = "\" ( WSP / VCHAR / obs-text )

However, if that's all that we do we won't have addresses issue #173 
after all.


- add a new issue for disallowing CTLs in quoted-pair

- address #173 by tuning the definition of chunk-ext-val

BR, Julian

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