RE: Review of Content-Encoding: value token [exi]


Thank you for your quick response to my message. It is quite possible that
this is my mistake and I misunderstood Mark. If it is more appropriate for
us to follow the current IANA process for registration, we would be very
happy to do that. Of course, we are also very interested in any further
comments from HTTPbis on the topic even it does not end up your action list.

I really appreciate your thoughts and inputs on this topic. 

	All the best!,


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> sön 2009-08-23 klockan 21:52 -0700 skrev John Schneider:
> > In speaking with Mark Nottingham last week, I understand 
> HTTPbis will 
> > be re-instating the registry for HTTP content coding value 
> tokens and 
> > reviewing requests for new content codings. The W3C EXI 
> working group 
> > would like to submit a request to register the value token 
> "exi" as a 
> > new content coding. They have asked me to work with you to answer 
> > questions about this request and elaborate as needed 
> regarding our use 
> > cases and rationale.
> I am not aware of any planned changes in the content encoding 
> registry procedure. Mark, did you mix this up with the 
> upgrade registry?
> But you are imho welcome to actively include HTTPbis for 
> preleminary review of your specification before submission to 
> IANA even if the specification as such is outside the scope 
> of HTTPbis.
> Regards
> Henrik

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