Re: Review of new HTTPbis text for 303 See Other

On Tue, Aug 4, 2009 at 4:30 PM, Pat Hayes<> wrote:
> Hmm, but why would they not be able to use it? Seems to me that if we can
> get our various storys straight, then this possibility is not only workable
> but might be quite useful. Imagine there is some elaborate Web ontology
> linked data service thing which uses 303 redirection on a whole range of
> URIs it treats as denoting external entities, a thing along the lines of
> DBpedia. But it also has a URI of its own, one that identifies it, and to
> which it responds with a nicely designed, informative web page explaining
> its history and how to use it and so forth. LIke DBpedia, in fact. Seems to
> me that we should be able to say that this thing is a resource, and that it
> can be described in just this way. Yes, it has a 200-codable representation
> of itself, which it can deliver when you GET the appropriate URI, but it
> also handles a large number of other URIs using 303 redirection, conformant
> with http-range-14. One thing, one resource (or maybe one HTTP
> endpoint/server), does all of this. Why not? It seems more natural to say
> that about DBpedia than to have to say that DBpedia is not one thing but
> thousands of different things, one for each URI it redirects.

I don't think dbpedia is thousands of things. There is a website that
answers requests for information about thousands of things.

In fact, being pedantic I should ask you to properly define what you
mean when you refer to dbpedia. Do you mean the database of facts
derived from wikipedia dumps, the project to create that database, the
team that undertakes the project, the website that provides access to
the database or possibly the domain name

BTW appears to be a URI for the
project and seems to be a URI
for the team.


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