Re: fyi: Tab-level cookies for the browser

Yngve N. Pettersen wrote on 7/29/2009 1:04 PM: 
> As an example of why tab cookies would be a problem, my method of
> surfing is to close the tabs when my task in them is completed, though I
> know others work differently. I may have quite a few tabs open at a
> time, but I close them when I no longer need them, and use bookmarks
> when I want to go back to the site. Using tab-specific cookies would not
> work for a user that work like I do. If I was logged into multiple
> webmail accounts at a time, I'd like to arrive at a frontpage and select
> the account(s) when I again opened up the webmail service.

It may be I'm not correctly understanding the proposal or your objection, but I'm not following the problem you presented.  Regardless if you close an existing tab, opening a new tab will start the tab with an empty tab-cookie jar and the site would require you log in again.  This may annoy those who like to close the tab, open a new one and be automatically logged in, but I imagine that's up to the server to consider when deciding to implement it.

- Bil

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