Re: requested resource / entity / representation / variant again..

On 23/07/2009, at 8:12 PM, Henrik Nordstrom wrote:
>> I agree that conneg would benefit if it were mentioned that it's
>> scoped to a requested resource.
> I am sorry, but what exactly do you refer to by "requested resource"
> when there is content negotiation?

The resource at the target-URI, of course. All I'm saying is that when  
you're talking about selecting a representation to send in a response*  
when connect is in use, the pool of possible representations is  
bounded by those associated with / belonging to the requested resource.

* What p6 2.6 currently calls the "selected response", although I  
suspect that may eventually need to change if we're to properly  
address the terminology issue.

>> All of that said, I'd very much like to see us take a systematic
>> approach to determining the scope (server/resource/representation/
>> response/etc.) of metadata in the spec, because IME it's often been
>> misinterpreted, and sometimes led to interop problems.
> Which at the heart is what this is all about.


Mark Nottingham

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