Re: (issue 30) - concrete security-related examples

tis 2009-07-21 klockan 11:37 +1000 skrev Mark Nottingham:

> Underscores are allowed in HTTP header field-names.

True, but the exploit is still very much valid. It's not an exploit on
HTTP as such but on a large family of specifications for running code on
HTTP servers (CGI, PHP, etc) as most those specs translate - to _ which
gets ambiguous when there is headers having _ in their name.

Which begs the question if this is sufficient grounds for banning the
use of headers using _ where there is standard track headers with the
same name using -

User-Agent is mentioned in the report, but I can imagine there is
interesting or at least disturbing tricks to be done using
Content-Length, Accept-* etc beyond the potential XSS issues the report
mentions, especially when there is caches involved and the resource in
question does some kind of content negotiation.


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