Re: p1-message-07 S 7.1.4

mån 2009-07-20 klockan 18:39 +1200 skrev Adrien de Croy:

> I would have thought slow-startup algorithms would also work against the 
> advantage of opening too many connections.

Only in cases where the data requested on the connection is small. And
additionally some (not a small number) web servers are tuned to send
their data quite aggressively effectively having slowstart disabled
(when viewed from normal connection rates) until there is packet loss.

> Also, download managers 
> generally do multiple simultaneous range requests.  The more parts you 
> request, the more request/response overhead reduces your throughput, so 
> there's an incentive not to go over the top there as well.

Depends on the "chunk" size.


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