Re: Comments on the HTTP Sec-From Header (draft-abarth-origin)

mån 2009-07-13 klockan 14:57 -0700 skrev =JeffH:
>                              .
>     Using <> angle brackets around each URI is especially recommended as
>     a delimiting style for a reference that contains embedded whitespace."

However, if something is to be processed as a list in HTTP context then
the quoted comma separated form is my recommended as that's the standard
list format.

Standard HTTP parsers will accept both quoted and non-quoted values.
Quotes is technically only needed for parsing if the value contains
whitespace or commas.

  1#(token | quoted-string)

or slight variants thereof (i.e. 1#(token "=" quoted-string) is a fairly
common HTTP construct.

Additionally <> quoting is not defined in 2616 or HTTPbis as far as I


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