Re: NEW ISSUE: isolate TCP-specific aspects of HTTP

> To make the specification of such mechanisms easier and less prone to error,
> p1 should be arranged so that TCP-specific connection details be isolated
> from the rest of the specification. An alternate approach would be to factor
> such aspects into a separate draft, but this is probably not necessary
> (i.e., as long as it's easy to identify which parts of p1 are overridden,
> that should be enough).

I strongly agree with doing this, and I agree that keeping it in the
base doc is fine.  Something like this would work:

== Section [n] - TCP Considerations ==
At the time of this writing, HTTP is used exclusively over TCP [ref].
That need not be the case in future, and implementations SHOULD be
adaptable to other transport-layer protocols underneath HTTP.

When TCP is used, the following apply:

== end of Section [n] ==



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