HTTPbis status

HTTPbis will be meeting at IETF74; draft agenda available at:

Note that we've provisionally left some time at the end of the meeting  
to discuss HTTP-related drafts that are not currently within the scope  
of HTTPbis (time permitting). If you have such a draft and would like  
to give a *brief* presentation on it, please contact me.

* HTTP Revision

We've had a quiet period in the last few months, but the editors have  
been working in the background; they expect to have the -06 generation  
of the HTTPbis drafts published before the meeting; they will  
incorporate more editorial changes (including the ABNF conversion) as  
well as several issue resolution proposals for consideration by the WG.

* Security Properties

The security properties document is currently expired. Although it is  
a chartered deliverable, there doesn't currently seem to be a will in  
the WG to complete it, and its editors believe that it is not  
currently complete.

The future of this document is one of the things that we'll discuss in  
San Francisco.


Mark Nottingham

Received on Friday, 6 March 2009 03:14:57 UTC