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Julian Reschke wrote:
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> Section 5 -- Examples:
> I think the example in Section 5 should be moved into a subsection, and 
> we also should have an additional example showing the use of (1) 
> multiple link values in one header, and (2) use of title*.
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-- snip --
   Link: </TheBook/chapter2>;
         rel="previous"; title*=UTF-8'de'letztes%20Kapitel",
         rel="next"; title*=UTF-8'de'n%c3%a4chstes%20Kapitel"

This example shows an instance of the Link header encoding multiple 
links, and also the use of RFC 2231 encoding to encode both non-ASCII 
characters and language information. For instance, the second link has a 
title encoded in UTF-8, uses the German language ("de"), and contains 
the Unicode code point \u'00E4' ("LATIN SMALL LETTER A WITH DIAERESIS").
-- snip --

(and also add "Non-ASCII characters used in prose for examples are 
encoded using the format "Backslash-U with Delimiters", defined in 
Section 5.1 of [RFC5137]." to Section 2).

BR, Julian

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