Coming to a conclusion on draft-abarth-origin

To wrap up discussion of

I'd note that the draft does not identify an intended status, nor have  
we been asked for a review by the IESG or RFC Editor (which presumably  
they might do when publication is requested). As such, this is just a  
summary of the discussion to date.

It appears that, based on feedback on this list:
   1) there is little interest in implementing this header (at least  
in this community), and
   2) a number of people question the value of adding this new header,  
   3) a number of people believe that the Referer header could be used  
to achieve most of the goals of the draft.

To aid in (3), we have opened an issue

Adam, please help me clarify any points above which you don't believe  
are justified by discussion on this list. Also, I now you were working  
on a draft -01; if you still intend to publish it, we will of course  
be happy to provide feedback.


Mark Nottingham

Received on Thursday, 26 February 2009 01:24:03 UTC