Re: A question about Content-Length header

On Sat, 24 Jan 2009, Adrien de Croy wrote:

> there is no other way to signal the end of the message that the client
> is sending.
> A server has the option to close the connection to signal end of message
> if no Content-Length or chunking is not used. A client for obvious
> reasons does not have this option.
> So in short, I would say the answer is yes, if the client message has an
> entity body, and it will not send a Content-Length for whatever reason,
> it must use chunking.

In theory, a client could do a 1/2 close on the connection, but I'm not
sure that would be properly handled by the majority of web servers.

Also, a word of caution, there has been discussion on this list in the not 
too distant past which questioned whether web servers generally would
accept chunked encoding of the request and process it correctly.

Dave Morris

> Peter wrote:
>> Hi, Julian.
>> Thanks for your response.
>> Frustratedly, i still did not get an explicit answer from reading the
>> section.
>> Perhaps i should ask it this way:
>> MUST an HTTP 1.1 *client* transfer-encode a message body in chunks
>> and send Transfer-Encoding header if the client can/will not send
>> Content-Length header for some reason?
>> Looking forward to a either "YES" or "NO" answer according to official
>> interpretation of RFC 2616.

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