Re: Updated Patch

On Dec 22, 2008, at 2:47 AM, Julian Reschke wrote:

> Lisa Dusseault wrote:
>>> I can't recall why we're making this requirement; it seems to copy a
>>> requirement for PUT. However, for PUT, "applying an entity header"  
>>> just
>>> means storing it. What does it mean for PATCH? This introduces a
>>> "must-understand" rule without knowing what "understand" precisely  
>>> means...
>> This seems to have gotten broken unintentionally.  It used to read  
>> "The server MUST NOT ignore any Content-* headers".  That's a much  
>> more reasonable requirement, because the server can tell what  
>> headers are Content-* headers while it can't tell what entity- 
>> headers are. And the requirement to understand the Content-*  
>> headers means that the server knows what to do with it which  
>> depends on : to save the Content-Type or Content-Language as  
>> metadata, to confirm or ignore the Content-Length, etc.
> Well, RFC 2616 says that any header that is not a request or general  
> header is an entity header. And yes, this is not really true in  
> practice.
> An no, the entity header, thus the Content-* headers do *not* apply  
> to the resource being patched, but to the payload. So when I use  
> Content-Type: application/diff in a PATCH request, I do *not* want  
> that to be set on the resource being patched :-).

If I had a better memory, I wouldn't have circular arguments like  
this.  Argh.  Yeah, Content-Type is universally used to indicate the  
content of the payload, and shouldn't be used to change the Content- 
Type of the resource being patched.

There is a minor problem of Content-Language, I think the other  
Content-* headers are even more irrelevant.  How many systems out  
there actually save the Content-Language provided by the client in a  
PUT?  And for those systems, is the only way to change the Content- 
Language to issue another whole PUT?  What would those systems want a  
PATCH with a Content-Language to mean -- (1) "This is the new Content- 
Language for the resource, please save it" or (2) "This is the  
language of the PATCH payload so it's irrelevant, throw it away" or  
(3) illegal.



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