Re: Leading zeroes in 1*DIGIT productions

Jeff Walden wrote:
> On 18.12.08 11:49, Julian Reschke wrote:
>>> Alternately, making it clear that leading zeroes are allowed but
>>> (perhaps) MUST NOT be sent would be acceptable.
>> How would that help? As far as I can tell, leading zeros are totally
>> harmless. Do you have evidence of problems caused by them?
> No; it's merely that they're only implicitly allowed by the production, 
> not explicitly noted in the accompanying prose.  A note like "leading 
> zeroes are ignored" would be fine (and note that I did say "perhaps"); I 
> just don't see evidence that this oddity was intentional, and if it 
> can't be removed I'd rather it be explicitly allowed.

Ahem, it *is* explicitly allowed by the grammar.

And code that properly processes the value will need no special 
treatment of leading zeros, it just follows from the way decimal numbers 

BR, Julian

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