Re: NEW ISSUE: Methods and Caching

On tor, 2008-11-20 at 10:19 +0100, wrote:

> So, the cache is caching resource representations, not responses to
> specific request types. There is no cached response for a POST, separate
> to a cached response to a GET and to a PATCH and so forth. Instead the
> cache is holding at most *one* entry per URI.

per Content-Location URI, when Content-Location is given.

For any given Request-URI there MAY be many variants, each of which MAY
have a unique Content-Location, and servers SHOULD provide this (unique
locations) if they can.

Some methods or responses return the complete representaion, some only
partial headers and/or partial body.

> Unsafe methods like POST clear the cache for the request URI, before any
> processing is done. Which enforces a cache miss and a forwarding of the
> request to the server (or up the cache chain).


> Would that describe the principal operation of a HTTP cache (ignoring
> all the fine details of cache-control and so forth)?

In my view yes.


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