Re: draft -05 and current status

I know you guys are working really hard on this so I hate to ask for more
work, but I and perhaps others would find it really helpful if with each
draft submission, a zip/tgz file of the whole set were placed somewhere on
the web for easy retrieval. It would also be helpful if these zips were
retained for backward reference. Like right now, I'd like the original -00
and current files for a serious diff review.

  Dave Morris

On Mon, 17 Nov 2008, Mark Nottingham wrote:

> As you can see, we have draft -05 available this morning.
> Last week, the editors and I got together in sunny (and,
> unfortunately, combustable) Southern California to work on these.
> Thanks to Roy Fielding/Day Software for hosting.
> -05's focus is on the ABNF conversion (#36), including dealing with
> line folding (#77) and LWS (#30), as discussed previously. There is
> still some ABNF-related work to do (e.g., programmatically expanding
> the # rule into a pure-ABNF appendix, cleaning up the relationship
> between the general header syntax and specific headers), but the core
> of the work is there and ready for review.
> We anticipate having -06 available in a small number of weeks. This
> will include rewrites of parts 1 (messaging), 5 (ranges) and 6
> (caching) for editorial clarity, and will contain a number of
> proposals for open issues from the editors. This is a bit of a change
> from our past working practices, but should help us get moving forward
> again. I expect a healthy discussion of the drafts when they arrive.

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