estimated Content-Length with chunked encoding

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it's a duplicate*


I am new to this mailing list.  I wanted to bounce an idea that I've had for
a while off everyone/anyone.  Basically I'd like to provide the sender of a
chunked encoding message to indicate an estimate of the content.  In the
following example is created dynamically, however the
approximate size is known.


C: Get / HTTP/1.1


S: HTTP/1.1 200 OK

S: Transfer-Encoding: chunked

S: Estimated-Content-Length: 300000


This would allow for the recipient of such a message to prepare for a
message of a certain size.  The best example of this at work would be when a
browser displays the estimated time remaining.  Today browsers indicate "Not
Known", or show nothing.  This could also be useful for PUT requests, where
it would allow the recipient to make a decision based on what the sender
expects the size to be (possibly allocating resources, or rejecting the
request altogether).


If something like this already exists in 1.1 or is already being considered,
please accept my apologies in advance.  Otherwise does, anyone have any


Received on Monday, 20 October 2008 20:53:00 UTC