Re: must a partial response range be exact?

David Morris wrote:
>>> btw do u think it is worth the added complexity to the spec and server
>>> implementation? is there some sort of usage/support statistics on
>>> clients that make use of out-of-order mutliple-ranges requests which
>>> show it to be worthwhile?
>> As already mentioned in this thread the Acrobat Reader browser plugin is
>> the most frequent user of out-of-order ranges. It first downloads the
>> ToC at the end of the document, then the rest of the document,
> Isn't that done with multiple requests? At one time their plan was to
> actually request document segments. At least for large documents. That
> doesn't happen either?

It definitely requests ranges sometimes. As far as I recall, it varies 
with Acrobat Reader versions a lot.

BR, Julian

Received on Sunday, 12 October 2008 09:44:17 UTC