Re: i93: Repeating Single-value headers

* Mark Nottingham wrote:
>Discussion in Vancouver centred around whether advice about error  
>handling in HTTP should be added; Roy Fielding offered to come up with  
>exact text for this, but the sense of the room was that we should  
>document why HTTP doesn't have a single approach to error handling  
>(such as when multiple values are present for a single-valued header),  
>because (as I remember the discussion):

I would like us to formulate some guideline beyond the charter when
handling of specific errors is considered in scope of this group's
deliverables (so we would consider adding text pointing out the mis-
behavior, or making recommendations how to handle it). There are
some known cases where errors are common in practise and affect e.g.
efficiency (such as sending malformed If-Modified-Since headers),
but I am not sure which of these issues merit raising on 2616bis as
opposed to, say, making a separate non-WG document documenting some
of these issues.
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