Re: Connection: "close" — Case sensitive or not?

On sön, 2007-12-09 at 22:51 +0000, Geoffrey Sneddon wrote:
> For compatibility with the web, the "close" connection option needs to  
> be treated case insensitively. My reading of the spec gives me the  
> impression that this should be a case sensitive comparison, unlike any  
> other connection-token (which, as a header name, would be compared  
> case insensitively).

Can't say the specs says either way on this.. There is no BNF for the
"close" Connection token, and no indication in the text if it's case
sensitive or not..

which makes me read it as

SHOULD be sent lowercase, but recipients SHOULD compare

There is this catch-all BNF syntax definition which kind of sets the
default expectation on case-insensitive

      Quotation marks surround literal text. Unless stated otherwise,
      the text is case-insensitive.

but as there is no BNF for this token it's somewhat unclear if this
applies.. but I have a feeling there should be.. and as it isn't
explicitly stated I think the general rule regarding literal text tokens
should be used, which means case-insensitive.


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