status on partitioned drafts

I managed to submit a draft 00 for the first seven parts of my
partitioned HTTP/1.1 specification prior to my trip to ApacheCon
this week.  The drafts can be found at




I am tracking progress and comments specific to these drafts
on the Apache tracking system, so feel free to add issues where
you see them.


The following WG issues are resolved in drafts 00:

[i1] HTTP Version should be case sensitive
[i2] 'unsafe' characters
[i3] Chunk Size Definition
[i4] Message Length
[i5] Via is a MUST
[i6] Fragments allowed in Location
[i7] Editors Notes
[i8] Media type registrations
[i9] Trailer
[i10] Safe Methods vs Redirection
[i11] URI includes query
[i12] Invalidation after Update or Delete
[i14] Clarification regarding quoting of charset values
[i15] No close on 1xx responses
[i16] Remove 'identity' token references
[i17] Revise description of the POST method
[i18] Cache validators in 206 responses
[i45] RFC977 reference
[i47] inconsistency in date format explanation
[i48] Date reference typo
[i49] Connection header text
[i62] Whitespace in quoted-pair


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Chief Scientist, Day Software              <>

Received on Tuesday, 13 November 2007 23:15:37 UTC