Re: Vancouver agenda topics

Mark Nottingham wrote:
> Besides introductions, some process discussion and a charter overview, I 
> have the following topics up for discussion in Vancouver:
> * Partitioning the HTTP deliverable
> * Draft overview / status

I think it would be good to have a new version of draft-lafon-rfc2616is 
available as input.

Currently, my copy has the following issues from the issues list marked 
as "closed":

i25-accept-encoding-bnf: WG status active (i25)
i26-import-query-bnf: WG status active (i26)
i31-qdtext-bnf: WG status active (i31)
i65-informative-references: WG status active (i65)
i66-iso8859-1-reference: WG status active (i66)
i68-encoding-references-normative: WG status active (i68)
i70-cacheability-of-303: WG status active (i70)
i84-redundant-cross-references: WG status active (i84)
i86-normative-up-to-date-references: WG status active (i86)
i87-typo-in-13.2.2: WG status active (i87)

Should I go ahead and submit a draft -04 with these changes?

> * Incorporating updates, other documents
> * HTTP requirements / features summaries
> * Open HTTP issues

The current issues list contains tons of smaller issues, but a few 
harder ones. I think it would be good to make solid process on these:

- ABNF conversion (do we keep the LWS handling, do we keep the # rule?) 
<> and 

- Header value I18N 

- character encoding defaults 

> * Security Properties deliverable
> If you have additional topics that you'd like to discuss, or have input 
> to these topics (e.g., a presentation, discussion of a particular 
> issue), please contact me.
> ...

Best regards, Julian

Received on Monday, 12 November 2007 11:47:36 UTC