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Thanks for the summary, Mark!

Am 13.07.2006 um 19:18 schrieb Mark Nottingham:

> We talked about potential work on 2616.
> Everyone seemed to agree that cleaning up the document (e.g.,  
> folding in errata, documenting the extensibility model) is a clear  
> win. There was also considerable interest in going a bit further;  
> e.g., exploring implementation divergence, potentially deprecating  
> features that have proven to be interoperability problem, and  
> generating operational documentation. When asked, no one thought  
> that this level of activity was a bad idea, several stated keen  
> interest, and some indicated that they would be willing to  
> contribute actively.
> No one indicated interest in working on "HTTP/1.2," but rather just  
> more clearly documenting 1.1. There was also interest in defining  
> extensions to HTTP, but those who spoke supported focusing on the  
> 2616 cleanup first.
> 2617 was also discussed, in particular Digest authentication; while  
> there are some errata that could be incorporated in a backwards- 
> compatible fashion, several people raised issues that they thought  
> could only be addressed by a backwards-incompatible revision to  
> Digest (i.e., a new Digest-like HTTP authentication scheme within  
> the HTTP authentication framework). Again, there was broad support  
> for such work, and no detractors spoke up. There was some  
> discussion of whether this would be relevant to the activities in  
> the WAE BoF, but those who spoke felt that this effort had a  
> different scope, and would be most appropriate in an HTTP-focused WG.
> It was agreed that the next steps to explore these items is to:
>   * Engage implementers, ideally holding an interop (either virtual  
> or real) to discover and explore various problem areas
>   * Write a problem statement exploring the issues to be addressed  
> more deeply
>   * Prepare a straw-man charter for an umbrella HTTP WG
>   * Request a BoF in San Diego
> We then recessed to drink beer and eat French fries covered in  
> gravy and cheese.
> Attendees:
> - Phillip Hallam-Baker
> - Scott Lawrence
> - Lisa Dusseault
> - Mark Baker
> - Dave Raggett
> - Carsten Bormann
> - Cyrus Daboo
> - Thomas Roessler
> - Yngve Pettersen
> - Alexei Melkinov
> - Mark Nottingham
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> Mark Nottingham

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