Re: handling Proxy-Connection

On Thu, Jan 03, 2002 at 11:06:13AM +1100, Matt Lynch wrote:
> Apologies.. I have read a few sources, which showed the values as
> constant.  I've a few documents from different sources, which all listed
> the same field values.  
> >No, it can't.  That is why it should never be implemented.  
> We've got a proxy server on this network which uses the header
> substantially.
> Does this mean that we should implement parsing of the header, but not
> send the header?   If we strip the header, do we still read it?  If not,
> what are we supposed to do?

Strip it and throw it away.  The only way to implement persistent connections
with a proxy is with HTTP/1.1.  If Proxy-Connection is received by a proxy
that doesn't understand it but forwards it to another proxy which does try
to implement it, the connection will hang on the response.


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