RE: Http Tunneling

HTTP Tunneling is designed for Secure HTTP (HTTPS). A HTTP tunneling is a
method of going through a proxy server, without the proxy server itself
handling any data transmitted.
A tunnel can be established with the connect method:

CONNECT <host>:<port> HTTP/1.1 <CRLF>

If the HTTP return code is 200 (OK), a connection is established. Now any
data transmitted is directly forwarded (by the proxy server) to the

Take note that most proxy server will only allow tunnels to port 443
(HTTPS), due to security restrictions. So they're not usable for anything
else than HTTPS. Some proxy servers (like the ISA server) can be configured
to interfrere with the data on the tunnel.
Contact the Proxy manual of admin.

- Joris

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>Hi There,
>While going through technical jargons, I came across this term
>'Http-Tunneling'. It is said that using this,it is possible to
>send data of any protocol through proxy over HTTP.Can any one
>tell me how
>can be achieved? any sample code will provide good idea or
>send me the urls
>I can get the basics of http-tunneling.
>Is it possible to tunnel complex protocols which are used by 'Microsoft
>or AIM etc?
>Thanks in advance!!!

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