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>Joris Dobbelsteen wrote:
>> Basic is completely insecure. Digest has some security hazards:
>> Server sends a 'key' to use with hashing. When the same 
>'key' is used,
>> the hashed password captured can be reused.
>> Also doesn't digest authentication (nor basic authentication) provide
>> data integrity.
>Actually, the Digest spec provides a content integrity mechanism 
>(qop=auth-int).  It does not protect most of the header information 
>(because of compatibility problems with proxies), but does protect 
>and authenticate the message body by including a hash of the message 
>body as an input to the response hash.
Wasn't aware of the hash included of the message body.

>As for alternative schemes that provide better security without 
>SSL/TLS, there was a very good spec "The Secure HyperText Transfer 
>Protocol" that just didn't get any traction with implementors:
I will read RFC2660....

- Joris

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