RE: How do I get a directory listing using a HTTP Get

You might try setting up a CGI script that gets the directory information
and sends it back as plain text.  Your program can then open a socket to the
web server, and read the list of returned files like a text file.  Really
easy to do in Java.

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> Subject: How do I get a directory listing using a HTTP Get
> I would like to write a program that goes to a web site and 
> does an HTTP GET
> and instead of coming back with an HTML page, I would like to 
> come back with
> a directory listing of files.  The HTML page will contain 
> links to the files
> in the same directory but instead of having to parse the HTML 
> page for the
> file names I would like to just get a directory listing as 
> this would make
> the downloading of these files easier.  Does anyone know of a 
> way to do
> this?
> Dan Veilleux
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