Re: Whatever happenned to HTTP 1.1 Pipelining

On Fri, 27 Apr 2001 wrote:

>      Thankyou for digging that up, but does it
> mean that by a server SHOULD or MUST use self-defined message
> lengths? This doesn't seem to give the browser author any assurance
> that his pipelined requests won't be aborted by a premature connection
> close due to a no CONTENT-LENGTH response.

Then they have to resend the requsts to which they have not received 
responses.  This is why only idempotent requests can be pipelined.

>      Seems to me that you only pipeline after you've gotton one
> request through a connection because you don't know whether the
> other end supports persistent connections. After that first request, which
> handles the negotiation, you'd like to be able to pipeline with worry about the
> pipeline being
> cut off.

You always have to worry about the possibility that the pipeline is cut

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