Re: Proxy-connection

"Joris Dobbelsteen" <> wrote:

    Won't it be good for proxies if getting HTTP/1.0. For HTTP/1.1 look
    for a connection header, and either discard the proxy-connection
    header, or use it if the connection header is not present?
I don't have time to think through all of the possibilities, but
I suspect that if you receive a message that contains BOTH
"Connection" and "Proxy-Connection", then somewhere along the
line, a mistake has been made.  (Unfortunately, without access
to a formal spec for "Proxy-Connection", I'm not sure if we
can ever be definitive about it.)  In that case, the only
safe thing to do is to not use a persistent connection, since
there's a chance that one of the systems along the path isn't
able to do the right thing.


Received on Tuesday, 12 September 2000 11:29:20 UTC