problem with responses to post-requests

i've got a problem while responding to POST requests.

i'm currently developing a small http-server to configure some files via a

while sending responses to GET requests everything works fine and the
browser prints the output. but if i try to handle a post request i encounter
different reactions by netscape navigator and internet explorer.

after processing the content of the post-request i'm sending the
html-output to the client and close the connection. this works fine with NN. but IE
doesn't show the page and gives an error-msg telling me that the connection
has been reset.

i just don't get it why NN is doing fine and IE not.

what's the difference between responses to GET and POST requests ?

why is IE telling me errors and not showing the transmitted page ?


here's some of the code:

while ((conn = accept(sock,(struct sockaddr *) &addr,&addr_length)) >= 0)
  reading/parsing header etc.

if (strcmp(request->method,"POST") == 0)
 putsock(conn,"HTTP/1.0 200 OK\n");
 putsock(conn,"Content-Type: text/plain\n\n");
 putsock(conn,"Netscape Navigator shows this.\
              Internet Explorer gives error");

// here NN says "Document Done" and shows the page
// but IE gives error msg "Connection Reset"

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