working of http request and response!!


this may be a simple question but i am unable to understand hence mailing  
here,so please do give me an answer even if the answer  is trivial:-

1.) when User Agents(clients) send multiple requests on a persistent 
connection  (for example say 5 requests from a user sent on the same 
connection) then will the server send the response to all the requests on 
that same  connection ? if the answer to this question is yes !!
  then another question -if the response has data of around 200kbytes for 
each request will this not affect the response time from the client point of 
view ? and during the time the server is writing the response if that 
particular process is context switched (since it's time share of cpu is 
over) then  will the server do all this writing from start once it gets back 
the cpu time or will continue from where it was context switched.

thanks in advance for the answers and i really appreciate your help in this 
kiran cheedella

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Received on Wednesday, 8 December 1999 09:54:54 UTC