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> This looks like an opportunity to expand my understanding
> on https proxies as well. When a client issues a CONNECT
> request to a proxy, the proxy creates a connection to
> the remote site, and the proxy returns an HTTP 200
> response to the client. From that point, the client
> and remote site exchange data through the proxy. My
> question is what is that data? Does the client have to
> issue a full SSL handshake over the connection, or can
> the client just send data. In other words, what happens
> after the CONNECT from a client's perspective.

CONNECT really just asks a proxy to create the origin server connection
and then switch to tunnel mode for the pair of connections
(client-proxy, proxy-origin).  What the client does over it is up to the
client.  Usage of CONNECT is not limited to https; for https you must
begin with the handshake.
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