RE: http proxy & tunnel differences ??

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> Subject: http proxy & tunnel differences ??

> A proxy works by taking a request from a client and
> connecting to the origin
> server indicated in the request.  Here the client is configured to go
> through the proxy.

Actually, the client may or may not know about the proxy.

> How does a http tunnel work. Is the initial connection similar ?
> Does a client (browser) need to configured differently when
> it goes through
> a tunnel or is it same as the configuration required when it
> goes through
> the proxy ? Are there to separate tcp connections for each
> request even in a
> tunnel ?

The difference is in the behavior of the intermediate system (proxy or
tunnel).  A tunnel just forwards the request and the response
unmodified.  A proxy at least adds its own identification to a Via
header, and may also respond from a cache, require proxy authentication,
or any number of other proxy-specific functions.

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