Re: IPP> Chunked POST

Right, a client can interoperate with any server as long as it sticks to
Content-Length.  But if it cannot determine the message length in advance it's
probably SOL.


"Roy T. Fielding" <> on 08/18/99 11:59:21 PM

To:   Larry Masinter <>
cc:   Carl Kugler/Boulder/IBM@IBMUS, "Yaron Goland (Exchange)"
Subject:  Re: IPP> Chunked POST

>We might make replying '411 and connection close' to a chunked encoding
>'conditionally compliant' rather than 'compliant' because otherwise,
>as has been pointed out, there are inteorperability problems.

There is no interoperability problem here.  The server response is
understandable by the client.  Any server has the right to deny
service rather than buffer an unknown amount of data.  No change is
needed to the spec.


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