Re: IPP>MOD Should IPP notification use http as transport?

> I don't like this example (of using GET for printer status)
> without any cache-control headers, and with the presumption
> that the entity body is streamed with indefinite pauses. 

understood.  I realized that such headers would be needed when
I wrote the example, but am not so intimately familiar with
HTTP that I could cite them off the top of my head; and I didn't
want to take the time to look them up on a Friday night.  sorry.

I suspect that few present-day proxies will want to buffer the entire 
response before relaying it to the client, because buffreing the
entire response is now known to a significant and very annoying affect 
on response time.  

at any rate, to the extent that we believe that this technique won't 
work, then to me that is a good reason to abandon the idea of using 
HTTP for printer notifications.

> Also, the URI has a problem:
> /printer/status/job#2343
> Since '#' is a reserved character for fragment delimiter, and
> HTTP URIs don't de-encode the data, this is not a good example.

right you are.


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