Cookie doubt

Dear respected members ,
I have some doubt about how cookies operate. Say I have invoked a server
application running from the browser. That application sets a cookie on the
client M/C. Supposing almost without time lag, another request wen from the
same client to the server. This time also, a cookie will be set on the
client M/C.
Now my Qs are -

1. Will the new cookie overwrites the old one ? Or is it a seperate cookie ?

2. Is it possible to design a server application that overwrites the old
cookie if request from the client comes almost immediately ? 

Can somebody pl answer to my query ? When are cookies expected to be
formally adopted by IETF ? Will it benifit Netscape also ? Or Netscape is
giving this technology to the standardising body free of cost ?

-Mukul Gandhi

Received on Friday, 16 July 1999 23:10:15 UTC