Re: IPP> Chunked POST

Larry Masinter wrote:
> > Many http server implementors seem to have interpreted the combination
> > of these requirements to imply that a POST request without a
> > Content-Length HTTP header cannot have a message-body.
> This implication might have held for HTTP/1.0, but is wrong for HTTP/1.1.
> > Indeed, I have tried several commercial web servers and
> > in all cases, a servlet or CGI program gets end-of-file as soon as it
> > tries to read the message-body input stream for a POST request with
> > chunked transfer-coding.
> Did these servers purport to support HTTP/1.1 for CGI scripts?
> is a survey of
> implementations, but we didn't ask implementations to distinguish
> whether they supported 'chunked' transfer encoding specifically.
> In any case, you left out the most obvious solution: don't use 'CGI'
> to implement IPP.
> However, it would be useful to update CGI for HTTP/1.1.

Hmm. I'm pretty sure Apache works correctly in this case, but I doubt it
has been heavily tested. Does anyone know different?



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