Preparation of draft 06 (probably the FINAL draft) has begun...

Before it isn't too late (i.e. today), please look over the responses
I (and some others) have made to the issues raised since IETF last call.

I have begun preparation of the draft, and it will be soon too late to
make any changes.  With some luck, this will be the draft that goes to
DRAFT Standard; I'd hate to have made some mistake that would require
another draft, and it is up to you to make sure I don't (other than a
mechanical editing mistake, for which I am alone responsible). I REALLY
want to get a draft in for the ID draft cutoff, and get this to bed.

There are a number of issues that still should have some final
discussion.  These include:


Please look at these in particular, and my previous responses, while there
is time.  I don't know if I will get to all of the nits in ADAMS3 in time;
I did look at the ones that Glenn said were significant and respond to

Thank you all for your contributions to the HTTP working group.
			You editor,
				Jim Gettys

Received on Tuesday, 17 November 1998 08:44:58 UTC