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RE: Comments (Part 2) on HTTP I-D Rev 05

From: Adams, Glenn <gadams@spyglass.com>
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 1998 18:35:01 GMT
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		"Adams, Glenn" <gadams@spyglass.com> writes:

		>74. Section 13.5.1, pg. 84, 1st para, 1st bullet, has
		>headers which MUST be ...". The use of MUST and SHOULD
keywords in
		>relative clauses is problematic and should be avoided
since it does not
		>state a requirement per se.

		I don't understand your meaning of "relative clauses",
however this case
		in particular does state a requirement, that
intermediaries forward
		end-to-end headers to the ultimate recipient.  This
requirement isn't
		stated anywhere else in the document, and must be

I use "relative clause" in the sense of English syntax; i.e., a
subordinate clause
introduced by a relative pronoun. Since such clauses are used to comment
on or restrict the scope of interpretation of the preceding noun or noun
it is not appropriate to embed an imperative in such a clause. It should
restated outside of a relative clause; e.g., "End-to-end headers MUST be
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