Re: HTTP 1.1 issue 20: 13.1.2 Warnings

Jim suggests:

    [replace] the 14.46 text with:
      The caching behavior of warnings is discussed in section 13.1.2.
I think it might be better to say something like

      Requirements for the behavior of caches with respect to
      Warnings are stated in section 13.1.2.

I think it's probably worth making it clear to implementors
that 13.1.2 contains *requirements*, not just *discussion*.

This is the original reason why similar requirements were
stated in both places.  It's hard to understand the discussion
without a statement of the requirements (so I'm glad that you
kept these in 13.1.2), but it's also somewhat confusing
to have the requirements w.r.t. the Warning header field
spread over several non-adjacent sections.  However, if
an explicit cross-reference to *requirements* is made,
I'm satisfied.


Received on Wednesday, 11 November 1998 14:34:46 UTC