Re: HTTP 1.1 issue 21: 13.3.3 Weak and Strong Validators

> In section 13.3.3 "Weak and Strong Validators", the statements
>    "The weak comparison function MAY be used for simple
>    (non-subrange) GET requests. The strong comparison function MUST
>    be used in all other cases."
> and
>    "A cache or origin server receiving a conditional request, other
>    than a full-body GET request, MUST use the strong comparison
>    function to evaluate the condition."
> state the same requirement.

It isn't quite the same thing.  One states requirements on the
client, and the other on origin servers or proxies.  It is a bit
confusing, and may be redundant.

Jeff, what is the right thing to do here?
			- Jim

Received on Wednesday, 11 November 1998 10:04:25 UTC