Re: HTTP 1.1 issue 14: 14.20.1 Expect 100-continue

> In section 14.20.1 "Expect 100-continue", the statement
>    "Proxies SHOULD maintain a cache recording the HTTP version
>    numbers received from recently-referenced next-hop servers."
> duplicates the same requirement in section 8.2.4.

In fact, I think that all of section 14.20.1 can be removed, with
a single cross reference to 8.2.4 taking its place.  This looks like
something that got left behind when some reorganization took place.
Others should check that my analysis is correct.

I'll add the sentence: 

"See section 8.2.4 for use of the 100 (continue) Status."

in section 14.20.

Thanks for noticing; it will save a third of a page of redundent text.
					- Jim

Received on Tuesday, 10 November 1998 12:57:05 UTC