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RFC: Web caching documentation

From: Nottingham, Mark (Australia) <mark_nottingham@exchange.au.ml.com>
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 1998 14:53:36 +1100
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This isn't precisely on-topic, but is IMHO of interest to the group.
Apologies if it is inappropriate.

I've created a document that explains aspects of caching; what it is,
why it is good, and how to go about it (with server-specific
instructions). The target audience of web designers, webmasters and the
like - anyone who creates content on the Web. 

I'd very much like to get feedback from the group as a first check to
the accuracy, usefulness and scope of the document. After that, it will
be presented to users to get feedback on its usability, readability,
etc., and then (hopefully) be distributed to the widest possible

It most likely won't be distributed through traditional RFC channels, as
IMHO it won't get read by the right people there.

It can be found at
[ a MS Word document; if this is a problem, please contact me for
another form ]

PLEASE note that this is a preliminary draft, and is not intended for
distribution. It is imprecise, and almost certainly contains errors.
Please do not give it to anyone who can not contribute, as outlined
above. I am open to suggestions both about content, intent and ways to
facilitate distribution of the document, along with most anything else.


Mark Nottingham
Internet Project Manager
Merrill Lynch Australasia
Received on Sunday, 1 November 1998 20:00:55 UTC

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