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IPP DL, FTP and Web services back up

From: Manros, Carl-Uno B <cmanros@cp10.es.xerox.com>
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 02:02:49 +0100 (BST)
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The IPP DL and partly also the FTP and Web services for the IPP WG has been
down or only sporadically working for the last few weeks, due to a change of
server and hosting organization. Everything is now back to full working
order under the earlier names:

IPP DL: 	mailto://ipp@pwg.org
IPP Web: 	http://www.pwg.org/ipp
FTP Arch: 	ftp://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/ipp/

If you did send a message to the IPP DL during the last two weeks, it might
have ended up in the bit bucket and never reached the IPP DL members, please
resend. Apologies for any inconveniences this might have caused you.

Carl-Uno Manros

Chair of the IPP WG
Received on Friday, 18 September 1998 06:46:15 UTC

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