Re: This may be a stupid question ...

Nick Ambrose wrote:
> We are developing a transparent web proxy, such that a browser does not
> necessarily know that it is sending requests through a proxy. I have
> inherited the Web proxy code from a contractor who left. It turns out,
> that our Proxy only supports HTTP/1.0 and will reject any requests for
> HTTP/1.1  Looking at the Netscape Proxy server, it seems to have some
> way of 'downgrading' the Browser to HTTP/1.0 as a stopgap measure.
> My question: Is there a document / RFC somwhere which explains how we
> are supposed to do this ?
> I haven't been able to find anything so far.

You can't write a transparent HTTP/1.1 proxy.  HTTP/1.1 makes explicit
provisions for proxies which requires the client to be aware whether or
not a proxy is in between.

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