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Re: MHTML/HTTP 1.1 Conflicts

From: Scott Lawrence <lawrence@agranat.com>
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 1998 11:51:13 -0500 (EST)
To: Jim Gettys <jg@pa.dec.com>
Cc: Nick Shelness <shelness@lotus.com>, IETF working group on HTML in e-mail <mhtml@segate.sunet.se>, http-wg@cuckoo.hpl.hp.com, Nick_Shelness/SSW/Lotus@lotus.com
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On Fri, 23 Jan 1998, Jim Gettys wrote:

> 1. Content-Base
> Note that Content-Base is being removed from the HTTP/1.1 specification,
> per the minutes of our last editorial meeting.  I think that closes
> out any conflict between the specifications for Content-Base.

  Actually Jim, I think that it creates one - MHTML agents will expect it
  to be honored, while HTTP agents will ignore it.  Another sentence or
  two in the interoperation notes...
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