Re: Multiple Content-Location headers

At 12.57 -0800 98-01-15, Jim Gettys wrote:
> The problem we have is syntax and implementation, not semantics.
> Lets clear this hurdle before we get into the meat of what you are trying
> to achieve, and whether your suggestion fits into the architecture of the
> Web, and my apologies of jumping into the meat in some of my early messages
> on this topic.
> Roy Fielding's point is that the syntax change required to allow the header
> name Content-Location to have multiple fields (needed as that is what
> typically do if they find multiple headers of the same name), is a problem,
> and one that may (likely) break exisiting implementations.

But what I suggested what to allow only one field, and one value, with the
name Content-Location in each heading, and to define a new header field
Content-Location-Alternate for cases where more than one is needed.
That would avoid your problem.

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